Cheerios’ Dad Ad Makes A Rock Star Out Of Fatherhood
br /
br /It’s not too often, outside of Father’s Day, that people try to define what fatherhood means. But Cheerios is taking on the explanation for themselves, and we have to say, it’s pretty awesomely all encompassing.
br /
br /In the two minute ad above that feels more like a short film, the cereal brand tackles exactly what we at HuffPost Canada attempted to describe just a couple of months ago what a dad goes through every morning before he goes to work.
br /
br /Since Mom tends to get most of the credit for meals, getting everyone out the door, even hugs when kids are hurt, we love this (in our experience) very real take on how essentially a dad’s role factors into the family life. Heck, more and more dads are the ones staying home with the kids, as the Globe and Mail reports, so why we shouldn’t we start seeing more of the gradations of what constitutes parents’ jobs in our mainstream commercials (or TV shows, or books)?
br /
br /And besides, any dad who can wake up to a horse mask without screaming is obviously doing something right.
br /
br /You dad wore jorts before you did and he’s got the short frayed denim to prove it. Living the three Rs, he Reused his life wrecked jeans by Reducing their leg length and Recycling them back into his wardrobe as stylish Danny Dukes. Now every pair of faded favorites could have a second life as his favorite pair of shorts.
br /
br /SO HIPSTERS, next time you’re riding a fixie in attire you claim is strictly functional because you can carry your keys and U lock without having your leg movement constricted, remember this.
br /
br /Your dad wore them because he was helping to save the environment before saving the environment was cool.
br /
br /Your dad had a mustache before you did and he’s got a warm upper lip to prove it. His homegrown facial bow tie was the envy inducing expression of masculinity that confirmed his omega status within the manly community. Looking like two lost caterpillars on his face, that lower nose Picasso got him discounts at hardware stores, heavy machinery rental companies, and lumberyards.
br /
br /SO HIPSTERS, when November rolls around and you’re splashing Rogaine on your pathetic ‘stache or dyeing it black with Just For Men to make it appear fuller, remember this.
br /
br /Your dad has more testosterone than you will ever have and the proof is sitting on his
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br /
br /Your dad had unkempt hair before you did and he has the snarled strands to prove it. Long before looking like you just rolled out of bed became fashion able, your dad’s locks were just as out of control as he was. He didn’t spend hours meticulously disheveling his hair with product, he earned his look. His lengths were styled with motorcycle joyrides, fistfights, and a touch of quot;I don’t give a fuck.quot;
br /
br /SO HIPSTERS, next time you’re running your fingers through your nappy strands in front of a dirty mirror in your studio apartment, remember.
br /
br /Your dad’s hair made him look so gnar that people assumed he’d killed a man and gotten away with it.
br /
br /Your dad wore tank tops before you did and he’s got the sunburnt shoulders to prove it. As the noncommittal middle ground of wearing or not wearing a chest covering, these shirts screamed summer harder than the bead of sweat dripping down the sunbathing backside of a Daisy Dukes clad undergrad. He was a true follower of Bauhaus and lived a quot;less is morequot; life style every time he slipped his slender frame into one of these lady magnets.
br /
br /SO HIPSTERS, next time you’re calling yourself Rave Heart while dancing the night away in your sweaty party tank, remember this. Your dad ironically ate luxury food when he was poor before you did too.
br /
br /Your dad wore ugly sweaters before you did and he’s got the embarrassing weavings to prove it. Since before Cosby was a prefix
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br /
br /SO HIPSTERS, next time you’re digging through the racks at the local thrift store looking for the perfect Cosby sweater for your annually unoriginal ugly Christmas sweater party, remember this.
br /
br /Your dad’s awesomeness poured into that sweater first and you’re tainting the fibers that once touched greatness. Sweaters + dance party = holy shit I can smell that hipster before I can see him.
br /
br /Your dad wore neon sunglasses before you did and he’s got the knockoff Ray Bans to prove it. Like a highlighter hugging
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br /
br /SO HIPSTERS, next time you’re hating on the sun with lime green, purple, bright orange, or pink ray blockers that you bought at a gas station, remember this.
br /
br /Your dad stood out, but you just stand in with the crowd.
br /
br /Your dad topped it with fedoras before you did and he knows where a killer haberdashery
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br /
br /SO HIPSTERS, next time you’re trying to dress up your skull with some thing other than a beanie, remember this.
br /
br /Your head’s way too big to fit into your dad’s kind of style.
br /
br /Your dad was into American Apparel before you and he’s got the plain shirts to prove it. He was a monochromatic madman who didn’t rep any brand other than his own. He knew all the Pantone numbers and looking into his dresser drawers was like looking into a kaleidoscope of fashion sense.
br /
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Baseball Falls to Houghton in Empire 8 Contest
br /
br /Houghton, NY The Elmira College baseball team and Houghton College squared off for the second time this season, and
a href=”http://cheapraybanolshop.com/” target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration: none;”discount ray bans/a similar to the first, the game would be a high scoring affair. In a game that featured 20 runs and 27 hits, it would be the Highlanders who would come out on top of today’s Empire 8 contest.
br /
br /Three Soaring Eagles had multi hit games, with Hayden Rothenberg’17, Jack Thistle’18, and Bryce Plante’18 each recording two hits. Rothenberg went 2 for 5 with one run scored and one RBI as well as two stolen bases. Thistle was 2 for 4 with two RBI and a stolen base, while Plante was 2 for 4 with one run scored and one RBI.
br /
br /Houghton got to Elmira pitcher Joe Kidd ’18 early as they scored 10 runs through the first four innings. The Highlanders continued to add to their lead, making it 12 0 in the top of the sixth inning, but EC would
a href=”http://fakecheapraybanssale.com/” target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration: none;”cheap ray bans/a break up the shutout in the bottom half of the inning, plating two runs.
br /
br /Jordan Marquez’18
a href=”http://discountraybanss.com/” target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration: none;”discount ray bans/a led off the inning with a double to right field followed by a Matt van Muelken’18 walk that put two runners on with no outs. Rothenberg grounded into a fielder’s choice that put runners on the corners and then Thistle singled to bring Marquez home. Rothenberg, who stole second, would also score after Dylan Bellinger ’17 hit a single through the left side.
br /
br /The teams were quiet offensively for the next few innings until both Houghton and Elmira scored three runs in the ninth inning. A Plante single brought home Sean Shepardson’18 and then later in the inning, Plante would score
a href=”http://fakeraybanshop.com/” target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration: none;”cheap ray bans/a on Rothenberg’s second hit of the day. The final run was scored by van Muelken who came across on Thistle’s single to center field.Articles Connexes:
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Google driverless cars get green light for open road
br /
br /Young Darth Vader from the Star Wars prequels arrested after high speed chaseBerkeley tragedy: Outpouring of
a href=”http://replicacheapmichaelkors.com/” target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration: none;”replica Michael Kors handbags/a affection sparked by Aer Lingus effortsWATCH: Ferocious bunny go to war with
a href=”http://wholesalemichaelkorsshop.com” target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration: none;”cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet/a snake to save babyWhy a growing number of people are having affairsBodies of four Berkeley tragedy victims arrive at Dublin AirportBikers pay tribute to member gunned down in LimerickVIDEO: Berkeley tragedy: Homecoming heartbreak as mourners pay respectsToday summit puts euro in the spotlightProperty
a href=”http://replicacheapmichaelkors.com/” target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration: none;”replica Michael Kors handbags/a tax hike looms as home costs riseTyra Banks has had a lot of positive support since she posted her nomakeup selfie
br /
br /NEWSDrug carer sacked for fake gun pictureNo public toilet sees businesses urged to let tourists use facilitiesWORLDQUIRKY WORLD . Here comes the bride all dressed in. toilet paper?Singer Lily Allen to be alive after gas explosionBUSINESSToday summit puts euro in the spotlightCoalition has to defuse property tax bombSPORTChampionship Preview: Decades of the damnedHard to beat early season local fareLIFESTYLESean Scully is squaring up to doubtersGregorian chant to Barbie Girl: the Scala choir have got it covered
br /
br /WATCH: That moment when you’re singing an
a href=”http://newpatternoutletmichaelkorhandbag.com/” target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration: none;”Michael Kors handbag outlet/a Ed Sheeran song and he joins inVIDEO: Limerick dad proves that love is really the mother of all inventionNew York Times apologises for Berkeley articleVIDEO: You need to watch Jon Stewart powerful monologue on the Charleston shootingsIt time that Ireland weaned itself off bottlesHundreds of Cork students left stranded after Junior Cert disco fiascoDefence Forces role for former hurlerVIDEO: Meet Cian
a href=”http://fakemichaelkorsshop.com” target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration: none;”fake Michael kors handbags outlet/a Twomey and his girlfriend EmilyNew York Times coverage
a href=”http://michaelkorsoutletc.com/” target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration: none;”cheap Michael Kors/a of Berkeley tragedy labelled ‘a disgrace’Man gets eight years for headbutt attackArticles Connexes:
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L Kattupalli Port
br /
br /Deprived of orders and traffic, the Kattupalli Port has been struggling for the last two years to keep afloat. Even though efforts were made by various stakeholders to attract more
a href=”http://discountmichaelkorsshop.com/” target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration: none;”discount Michael Kors/a shipping lines, get clearance from the Customs to export goods and get the port connected to more container freight stations, nothing much has happened.
br /
br /The Port had even asked ICTSI to invest more in the new facility by keeping the future needs in mind. ICTSI, however, expressed
a href=”http://cheapmichaelkorsol.com/” target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration: none;”fake Michael Kors/a its inability
a href=”http://michaelkorsoutletc.com/” target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration: none;”replica Michael Kors handbags/a to bring in more money. This also in a way triggered the parting of ways between them, said a port user, who is in the know of developments.
br /
br /Kattupalli Port
a href=”http://michaelkorsoutletc.com/” target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration: none;”fake Michael Kors/a last year handled over 5,900 Twenty foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) of containers against its capacity of 12 lakh TEUs.
br /
br /ICTSI denies is not correct to blame us only for the above scenario. For the last three years, we have done all that we could to increase the port visibility through marketing efforts, and are talking to shipping lines to call on us. Though some of the major shipping lines have visited us on a trial
a href=”http://cheapmichaelkoroutletshop.com/” target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration: none;”Michael Kors handbags outlet/a basis, they are yet to firm up their decisions. The presence of Chennai and
a href=”http://newpatternoutletmichaelkorhandbag.com/” target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration: none;”Michael Kors handbag outlet/a Kamarajar
a href=”http://fakemichaelkorsshop.com” target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration: none;”fake Michael kors handbags outlet/a ports near our premises is also hampering our performance, said an ICTSI official.Articles Connexes:
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Now it is possible to pay your membership dues online. Please click on the “The Society” tab to see membership information.

Not only will becoming a member guarantee that you are informed of any upcoming Hartmann events, it will also give you free admission to any Hartmann conferences or meetings for one year. In addition, the publisher Walter De Gruyter will provide NHS members with a 25% discount for books by and about Nicolai Hartmann.  Member email is required to receive discount.

Dues for regular members are 20 Euros, and 10 Euros for students. Please click the appropriate PayPal button when you register your membership.

We look forward to growing our organization and strengthening the connections of already existing members.

If you have recently published work on Hartmann, please let us know so that we may add it to the growing Bibliography on the NHS page.

Thank you.

The 2nd Nicolai Hartmann Society Conference, held in Trento, Italy (25-27 August 2014), was a great success. All who attended benefited from good presentations, engaging discussions, and warm camaraderie. Many thanks to all of those who presented and participated for making it such a wonderful experience. For those of you who regrettably were unable to attend, the website will keep you informed of future conferences, smaller sessions, and workshops on Hartmann’s work.

Two administrative issues were voted on by members of the society at the conference. Roberto Poli, long-time President of the society, stepped down after a four-year term. Professor Poli’s many contributions to the international spread of knowledge and enthusiasm about Hartmann’s work has been exceptional. Nominees for new President were considered, and Keith Peterson was voted in as the new President of the Society. Peterson hopes to continue to foster interest in Hartmann’s work in the English-speaking philosophical world, not only through arranging periodic conferences, but through encouraging new English translations of, and research on, Hartmann’s imposing and important works.

The second vote confirmed the inclusion of Professor Predrag Cicovacki and Professor Roberto Poli on the Scientific Committee of the society. The Committee now consists of Joachim Fischer (Dresden University), Eugene Kelly (New York Institute of Technology), Andreas Kinneging (Leiden University), Predrag Cicovacki (Holy Cross), and Roberto Poli (University of Trento).

I encourage you to send information about events or publications of possible interest to Hartmann scholars to our email address (nicolaihartmannsociety@mail.com) for possible inclusion on the webpage.

I thank you all for your continued interest and support, and am looking forward to working with you in the future.

Keith Peterson
President, NHS

2nd Nicolai Hartmann Conference

25 August
08.30 Registration & Welcome
Chair: Keith Peterson
09.00-10.00 R. Poli, Categories as principles and determinations: the case of time
10.00-11.00 J. Fischer, Philosophy of mind. Structure and relevance of Hartmann’s “Probleme der geistigen Seins” for the humanities and social sciences
11.00-11.30 coffee break
11.30-12.30 A. A. Kinneging, Nicolai Hartmann and natural law

Chair: Joachim Fischer
14.00-15.00 K. Peterson, Flat, hierarchical, or stratified: unruly complexity and dependence in social-natural ontology
15.00-16.00 M. Kleineberg, From linearity to co-evolution: On the architecture of Nicolai Hartmann’s levels of reality
16.00-16.30 coffee break
16.30-17.30 J. Barcena, Nicolai Hartmann’s levels of reality. Complexity theory and emergentism. An intertwined approach
17.30-18.30 R. Zaborowski, Nicolai Hartmann’s categorial laws as applied to the world of feelings
18.30-19,30 G. D’Anna, Is Nicolai Hartmann a realist?

26 August
Chair: Andreas Kinneging
08.30-09.30 S. Bertolini, Elements for a comparison between N. Hartmann and R. Ingarden
09.30-10.30 K. Väyrynen, Nicolai Hartmann’s concept of causality
10.30-11.00 Coffee break
11.00-12.00 P. Cicovacki, The Socratic pathos of wonder
12.00-13.00 C. Luchetti, The discovery of a priori knowledge: Hartmann’s interpretation of Plato’s theory of recollection

Chair: Predrag Cicovacki
14.00-15.00 T. Röck, The being of becoming in pre-Socratic philosophy
15.00-16.00 J. Claramonte, Some basis for a ‘modal aesthetics’ theory in Nicolai Hartmann’s works
16.00-16.30 coffee break
16.30-17.30 N. Danilkina, Nicolai Hartmann: From Value Being To Human Being
17.30-18.30 K. E. Lörch-Merkle, Personality, autonomy, fairness: On Nicolai Hartmann’s ethics in the age of human enhancement
18.30-19.30 S. Pinna, Hartmann on spacetime and geometry

27 August
Chair: Robert Zaborowski
08.00-09.00 F. Tremblay, The Russian roots of Nicolai Hartmann’s philosophy
09.00-10.00 C. Scognamiglio, Nicolai Hartmann’s idea of education
10.00-10.30 Coffee break
10.30-11.30 C. Brentari, “The role of the missing reason”: The search of a layer-specific form of determination in Nicolai Hartmann’s theory of life
11.30-12.30 S. Vasta, The place of Nicolai Hartmann’s ontology in Konrad Lorenz’s epistemology

15.00-17.30 Meeting of the Nicolai Hartmann Society

Call for papers
The Nicolai Hartmann Society organizes the second
Trento, Italy, 25-27 August 2014
We welcome papers on any portion of Hartmanns philosophy, its place in the history of philosophy, and its relevance for contemporary issues. To participate please send a two-page abstract to Roberto Poli (a href=mailto:roberto.poli@unitn.itroberto.poli@unitn.it/a) before the end of April 2014.
The conferences language is English.
Relevant dates:
Abstracts: April 30
Acceptance/rejection: May, 31
Conference: August, 25-27
A list of hotels, organized by price range, will be circulated in due time.

The second general assembly of the Nicolai Hartmann Society will be held during the conference.

A few days ago the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung informed that Hartmann’s unpublished documents (letters, manuscripts, discussion-protocols, etc.) reached the Marbach Archive (this is Germany’s most important archive for the legacy of authors and thinkers, especially of the 20th century).

The following article (in German) adds some information: Deutsches Literatur Archiv

Another good (German) article is: hr-Online

Von der Systemphilosophie zur systematischen Philosophie – Nicolai Hartmann
[From System Philosophy to Systematic Philosophy]
Ed. by Hartung, Gerald / Strube, Claudius / Wunsch, Matthias
De Gruyter 2012

Gerald Hartung, Matthias Wunsch und Claudius Strube, Nicolai Hartmann und die Aufgabe systematischer Philosophie

I. Philosophie und Wissenschaften – Das Programm der Kategorienforschung

Reinhold Breil, Hartmanns Beitrag zu einer Begründung des wissenschaftlichen Realismus
Gerald Hartung, Genese und Geltung der Kategorien. Nicolai Hartmann und das Programm der Kategorienforschung
Stephan Nachtsheim, Neue Wege der Kategorienlehre?
Gregor Schiemann, Mehr Seinsschichten für die Welt? Vergleich und Kritik der Schichtenkonzeptionen von Nicolai Hartmann und Werner Heisenberg
Christian Möckel, Nicolai Hartmann – ein Phänomenologe? Zu den Termini Phänomen und Phänomenologie in der Metaphysik der Erkenntnis

II. Neue Ontologie im Kontext – Philosophische Anthropologie und Philosophie des Organischen

Joachim Fischer, Neue Ontologie und Philosophische Anthropologie. Die Kölner Konstellation zwischen Scheler, Hartmann und Plessner
Matthias Wunsch, Kategoriale Gesetze. Zur systematischen Bedeutung Nicolai Hartmanns für die moderne philosophische Anthropologie und die gegenwärtige Philosophie der Person
Gerhard Ehrl, Die Stellung des Menschen bei Nicolai Hartmann und Max Scheler
Steffen Kluck, Entwertung der Realität. Nicolai Hartmann als Kritiker der Ontologie Martin Heideggers
Thomas Kessel, Der Organismus als Individuum

III. Person, Freiheit und Geschichte

Walter Jaeschke, Über Personalität. Das Problem des Geistigen Seins
Inga Römer, Person und Persönlichkeit bei Max Scheler und Nicolai Hartmann
László Tengelyi, Nicolai Hartmanns Metaphysik der Freiheit
Thomas Renkert, Zum Verhältnis von Personalität und Temporalität bei Nicolai Hartmann und Wolfhart Pannenberg
Carlo Scognamiglio, History and Tradition in Nicolai Hartmann’s Theory of Spiritual Being
Mirko Wischke, Sphären der Geschichtlichkeit und ihre Kontexte bei Nicolai Hartmann

IV. Nicolai Hartmann im Gespräch – Was bleibt?

Daniel Dahlstrom, Zur Aktualität der Ontologie Nicolai Hartmanns
Robert Schnepf, Was nutzt eine ontologische Grundlegung der Geschichtswissenschaft? Überlegungen zu Nicolai Hartmanns Das Problem des geistigen Seins
Magnus Schlette, Wahrnehmung‘ in Nicolai Hartmanns erkenntnistheoretischem Realismus
Christian Thies, Was bleibt von Hartmanns Ethik?